Transforming an online shopping platform, mobile payment and cashback system to a global and fully fledged blockchain-enabled payment ecosystem.


The weeGroup is an operative group of twelve companies under the ownership of the Swiss Fintec Invest AG, based in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. The wee Initial Token Offering (ITO) is conducted by the weeNexx AG, which is the issuer of the weeMarketplaceAccessToken (WMA).
The group owns a pan-European online shopping, mobile payment and cashback programme, which is fully operative in Germany, Poland, Switzerland, the UK and Slovenia. From 2020, wee will go operational in France, Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, for which Business Development is already preparing market entry. Further countries are to be added starting 2021.

About us

The group has developed a well-known global shopping community under the brand name “wee”; this weeCommunity combines renowned brands and local retailers on its online platform, the wee Marketplace. wee offers an innovative alternative to conventional loyalty programmes: registered users collect “wee” for any purchase made at any weePartner, which can then be redeemed for new purchases at any offline weePartner OR withdrawn in form of real cash via bank transfers.

Approx. 200,000 Registered Users
More than 20,000 offline and 1,700 online weePartners

wee brings together all participating partners worldwide - with just one Card or App.


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wee adopts blockchain technology and tokenises its cashback programme with the utility weeMarketplaceAccessToken (WMA) and the stable weePayCoin (WPC).
provides users (both merchants and customers) access to the new, blockchain-enhanced wee Marketplace.
replaces formerly collected “wee”, which are converted to the stable coin WPC (pegged 1:1 to the Euro).


  • System built on tokens set up on Ethereum network
  • Solving issues of segmentation and inefficiencies
  • Benefits our investors

  • Decentralisation
  • Highly liquid asset provides higher utility and demand
  • Faster and more cost-efficient transactions

  • Offering users a truly practical coin
  • Unlocking the frozen value of many cashback programmes through co-operations
  • Removes the need for reserve funds (allowances) for third-party loyalty programmes



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In conventional loyalty and cashback programmes, users collect points, which have limited functionality because they can only be redeemed at participating outlets. This puts constant pressure on the loyalty provider to increase its number of partners to differentiate itself from competition.
Instead of collecting loyalty points, wee users will now collect WPC, which has many use cases compared to traditional cashback points. WPC can be used for purchases at weePartners and all outlets accepting ERC20 tokens. In addition, it can be exchanged for cash, but also for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.


When wee users want to withdraw their “wee” in the form of cash, this means having to handle a large amount of bank transfers, which are very time-consuming and require a lot of efforts from the company. Users may even lose some of their collected cashback due to high bank transfer fees.
By replacing the existing “wee” points with the stable coin WPC, cash withdrawals will be handled much quicker and at lower transaction costs, making wee more attractive than conventional cashback programmes.


With its current business model, wee is managing several divisions, which translates to a higher need for manpower, higher management costs and an increased difficulty in consolidating its data, transactions and ultimately its strategy.
With the introduction of blockchain technology to the wee business model, data and information can easily be consolidated, as well as accessed quickly and at lower cost, making the organisation more efficient and facilitating management.


An increasing number of users and transactions requires a sophisticated IT infrastructure, including strong servers and software to handle large numbers of transactions and data.
With the help of loyalty and cashback experts Envolved GmbH, a state-of-the-art marketplace software was just implemented to fully equip wee for its expansion and to successfully support a huge number of customers and merchants.



Funding wee’s transition into blockchain

The weeMarketplaceAccessToken (WMA) is the key element of the weeEcosystem. Its main utility is to provide users (both merchants and customers) access to the wee Marketplace.
WMA will have to be owned by anyone who wants to participate in the wee Marketplace and the weeEcosystem:
  • weePartners and weeUsers will need to permanently hold a defined amount of WMA in their e-wallets to gain access to the wee Marketplace;
  • Owners of WMA tokens will be put into tiers which will qualify them to receive added benefits from the platform, such as higher cashback rates (weeUsers) or added marketing incentives (weePartners);
  • Owners who hold their WMA tokens for longer terms also receive substantial advantages
It offers the opportunity of generating income through:
  • Cashbacks received
  • Referral fees
  • The WMA’s increase in value once listed on relevant crypto exchanges
Why will WMA increase in value?
  • Being a utility token, it is highly liquid and easily tradable
  • WMA is expected to increase in value due to wee’s growth strategy for an increasingly growing number of weeUsers, registered weePartners and transactions on the wee Marketplace; and
  • Demand for WMA will increase due to is real use case: WMA is a requirement for participating in the weeEcosystem


Replacing “wee” and functioning as payment means

The weePayCoin (WPC) is a stable coin created to function as payment means and to be used for borderless payments. It will replace the previously collected “wee”, be the fuel driving the wee intelligent economy, and become the basis on which wee’s future unique financial infrastructure will be built.
WPC Usability:
  • Issuance (minting) and deletion (burning) of the WPC will be thoroughly performed by the wee Marketplace with its partner bank;
  • WPCs will only be issued by the wee Marketplace if and to the extent that amounts of Euro will have been paid in;
    • In the case of minting WPCs, the registered retailers, merchants or servicers must pay a certain amount in Euro into an account held with the partner bank as a deposit; customers have to top up their respective weeApp or weeCard by paying in Euro;
    • In the case of burning of WPCs, WPCs will be deleted if and to the extent that, upon request, Euro will be paid out to a registered retailer, merchant or servicer or to a customer as the case may be.
  • When exchanging WPC for Euro, the deposited Euro amount will be transferred to the transferor and the corresponding number WPCs received by the wee Marketplace will be deleted.


Token name
weeMarketplaceAccess Token
Ticker symbol
Total amount WMA
20,000,000,000 WMA
Fundraising maximum
approx. € 100,000,000
Public presale Start
Q3 2019 [estimated]
Purchase price per WMA
€ 0.01 = 1 WMA
Minimum purchase amount
50,000 WMA
Unsold WMA
Remain in the wee portfolio as a reserve
Private presale I
Early Q2 2018
Sold out
Private presale “Family & Friends”
Q2 2018 - Q3 2019
Sold out
Private sale
Late Q2 2019
Up to 40% (volume dependent)
Public presale
Late Q3 2019 [estimated]
Up to 40% (time dependent)
Public sale
Q4 2019 [estimated]
Up to 40% (volume dependent)


Amount (WMA)
Presale "Family & Friends"
Private sale
Public presale
Public sale
Airdrop / Incentive for existing community
WMA total


The following chart roughly reflects the estimated allocation of the funds raised until the completion of the ITO. Changes of or shifts between the mentioned categories are possible.


Leo Schrutt

Dr. Leo Thomas Schrutt
Chairman of the Board

Leo has more than 25 years of banking experience. The milestones of his career included working for the Swiss National Bank (the Swiss Central Bank), being Chief Analyst and Chairman of the Global Investment Committee at UBS, as well as a member of the Group Executive Board at Julius Baer with responsibility for the global institutional asset management. Today, Leo has his own consulting company. He holds several board memberships, is a consultant to institutional clients, and coaches top managers worldwide. He holds a PhD from the University of Basel (Dr. rer. pol.) and speaks seven languages.
Leo Schrutt

Rolf Gehriger
Legal Adviser / Representative of Small Shareholders

Member of the Board of Directors. Long term experience of forensic and consultancy support to small and medium-sized enterprises Lawyer/ corporate attorney and businessman. Key activities: corporate management, project implementation, corporate and project finance, corporate governance and compliance, human resources together with an executive role as a Member of the Board of Directors.
Tobias Engelsberger

Tobias Engelsberger
Chief Technical Officer

Working in Management for several internationally renowned companies, Tobias is a leading expert in the fields of IT and marketing with a concentration on mobile payment and cloud-based SaaS Solutions. After receiving his diploma in media and computer science, he immediately began his career in management positions in the IT industry. Throughout the last 10 years, he has been responsible for building several online businesses and SaaS business models.
Ewald Schmutz

Ewald Schmutz
Chief Financial Officer

Ewald Schmutz, CEO of weeMarketplace AG and CFO of the weeGroup, has been a successful banker and management consultant for more than 30 years. His company is active worldwide in the banking and customer credit sector and provides strategic consultancy regarding corporate management and turnarounds. Before his time at wee, he was Member of the Senior Management Team at SGB Zurich, Chief of Staff at Regiobank Solothurn and a Member of the Executive Board. Additionally, Ewald Schmutz is active as a Member of the Administrative Board in several industries.
Judith Behr

Dr. Judith Behr
Chief Operating Officer

Member of the Board of Directors law firm experience in Dubai and in Charlotte, North Carolina. Long term experience within the wee Group as CEO and/or Member of the Board of Directors. Key activities: legal and operational areas concerning the wee Marketplace as well as data protection matters.


Phase 1 – Transition to Blockchain
The first phase will focus on the transition of the current business and application onto the blockchain
Phase 2 – Expansion to Stable Coin and Financial Services
The second phase will focus on the development of the stable coin, the expansion of the user base and wee’s list of financial services.


wee starts its own cryptocurrency

From Cashback to a New Era of Financial Opportunities with Blockchain Technology


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Blockchain also faces an uncertain regulatory landscape. The regulatory regime governing the Blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, tokens and token offerings such as weeMarketplace 2.0 and WIT is uncertain, and new regulations or policies may materially adversely affect the development of weeNexx and weeMarketplace 2.0 and the utility of WIT

Acquisition of WIT involves a high degree of risk.

weeNexx may be the target of malicious cyber-attacks or may contain exploitable flaws in its underlying code, which may result in security breaches and the loss or theft of WIT. If weeNexx security is compromised or if weeNexx is subjected to attacks that frustrate or thwart our users’ ability to access the weeMarketplace 2.0 or their WIT or weeNexx data monetization services, users may cut back on or stop using the weeMarketplace 2.0 altogether, which could seriously curtail the utilization of the WIT.

weeNexx is committed to protecting the privacy and security of the personal information that is provided to us or collected by us during the course of our business. We process personal information in accordance with the Swiss Data Protection Act and to the extent applicable the EU General Data Protection Regulation.



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